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Aftab Pelast Alborz

Aftab Pelast-e Alborz is a private enterprise specializing in manufacturing PVC films and related materials. Due to its original management spirit of “quality before quantity”, the corporate fundamental business philosophy of “Consistency is the best costumer service” as well as the firm belief of keeping the standards higher than the costumer originally wanted, has been leading Aftab Pelast-e Alborz to keep its service at its best through numerous years of creating, distributing, and expansion.

Ever since the groups early official days back in 2015, the main and major goals were to being persuaded by the whole team. As of today, that we are ISO9001 compliant, internationally catering, and can manufacture almost all the PVC films related products, Aftab Pelast-e Alborz keeps at visioning the future of the company with the same values, in order to maintain its strict service standards:

  • Managing the costumer service at its finest figure.
  • Set and keep the standard for manufacturing at the highest levels of quality and value.
  • Covering domestic and overseas markets.
  • Preserve and look after the environment with less pollutant aspects, as the business grows.


Company name: Aftab Pelast-e Alborz

Type of ownership:

Active areas: Distribution and manufacturing of PVC films

Company registration number:

Aftab Pelast-e Alborz Started is based in Garmsar, Iran. It started its vast produce in 2010, and has been a private enterprise specializing in manufacturing PVC films and related materials.

In the past 11 years of activity the company has prioritize its core values and has been keeping a keen eye on what goes on as far as manufacturing, management and distribution goes. Focusing on Customer orientation, quality development, efficiency in business to business relations and reaching for supplying local and domestic markets, has kept the continue on the path to improvement each and every day.

In order to meet the company goals in the four previously mentioned values that it follows, Aftab Pelast-e Alborz invested in a skilled, mighty  team, including the talented young and the experienced masters, to thoroughly manage the technology, quality control, research and development, marketing and outsell departments, and has been growing towards improvement thanks to the balanced duo of corporate management and the team.

 This trust and coordination led the company to gain the expected credit from customers, take over the local domestic market and initiate bigger steps towards performing just as efficient in overseas market.

Nevertheless, company’s long pursuing the management spirit of “Customer oriented”, the corporate philosophy of “Creation, Quality and Efficiency” as well as never missing the courage to move forward with improvements, Aftab Pelast-e Alborz has been leading the industry along the way.

With all the grace and humbleness the company has gained over the years duo to its concurs and success, Aftab Pelast-e Alborz never stands still. It has long detailed plans for better performance in the future and is always a step ahead of its ongoing structure.

This overview on the future keeps the company on its toes to facilitate the faculties with highest technologies provided and accessible, and never stop updating its staff to what the current market needs are. This up to dating program takes up a lot of time, money, and energy investments but it has been recognized to be one of the company’s crucial needs in order to stay for the long haul.

Aftab Pelast-e Alborz pursues the main goal of “improving products standard, achieving customer’s demand” together with enthusiastic attitudes, in order to maintain the strict service standard. Aftab Pelast-e Alborz also applies “customer oriented and satisfying service” to provide a full set of service and to meet customers’ needs. So far its sales network has fully covered domestic markets and has been entering overseas markets, with said services:

Aftab Pelast-e Alborz provides PVC films with the width variety of 50 to 500 microns. The length, shape and further additional qualities can be personally designed for the costumer in order to meet their need.

PVC film are being used in a vast variety of industries such as plastic packaging industries, clothes, blankets and furniture covering services, curtain manufacturing and etc.

The company hopes to remain the trust worthy provider that it has been throughout the years, and to develop its production and services to the point that not only the domestically addressed audience but also overseas customers count the company as their top choice to refer to.